Programme Highlights

Programme Highlights

The ESID 2024 programme is designed to foster in-depth discussions, ensure the exchange of expertise, and provide cutting-edge research in the field of immunodeficiencies and human inborn errors of immunity (IEI). As part of this dynamic programme, we are excited to present a series of Meet-the-Expert sessions led by renowned professionals. These sessions offer attendees the opportunity to engage directly with experts, ask questions, and delve into real-world examples from clinical practice. In addition to these interactive sessions, parallel sessions will run concurrently, covering a wide array of topics ranging from viral diseases and actinopathies to inflammatory disorders and bacterial infections. Join us for stimulating conversations and valuable insights into the latest advancements in IEI.

Keynote & Plenary Sessions

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Meet the Expert & Parallel Sessions

17 October, Thursday

When going for HSCT – Trust Genetics or Wait for Symptoms?

Meet-the-Expert Session

Elie Haddad (Canada)
Bénédicte Neven (France)

IEI in Adult Patients

Meet-the-Expert Session

Steve Holland (USA)
Claire Fieschi (France)

17 October, Thursday

IEI and Viral Diseases

Parallel Session

Sylvain Latour (France)
Filomeen Haerynck (Belgium)
Shen-Ying Zhang (USA)

IEI and Actinopathies

Parallel Session

Frédéric Rieux-Laucat (France)
Sergio Rosenzweig (USA)
Lisa Westerberg (Sweden)

17 October, Thursday

IEI and Allergies

Parallel Session

Stu Turvey (Canada)
Cindy Ma (Australia)
Stephen Jolles (UK)

From Rare to Common: From Genotype to Phenotype

Parallel Session

Stéphanie Boisson-Dupuis (France)
Jacques Fellay (Switzerland)

Phenocopies of IEI

Parallel Session

Benjamin G Hale (Switzerland)
Aude Magérus (France)

18 October, Friday

How to Manage CVID?

Meet-the-Expert Session

Aurélien Guffroy (France)
Mikko Seppänen (Finland)

IEI and Lung Diseases

Meet-the-Expert Session

Klaus Warnatz (Germany)
Vassilios Lougaris (Italy)

IEI and GI Diseases

Meet-the-Expert Session

Daniel Kotlarz (Germany)
Susana L Silva (Portugal)

18 October, Friday

IEI and Inflammatory/Autoimmune Disorders

Parallel Session

Carsten Speckmann (Germany)
Alice Lepelley (France)
Fabian Hauck (Germany)

IEI and Innate Immunity

Parallel Session

Taco Kuijpers (Netherlands)
Isabelle Meyts (Belgium)
Trine Mogensen (Denmark)

IEI and Adaptive Immunity

Parallel Session

Sophie Hambleton (UK)
Vivien Béziat (France)
Raz Somech (Israel)

18 October, Friday

IEI and Bacterial Diseases

Parallel Session

Vanessa Sancho-Shimizu (UK)
Jonathan Bohlen (France)
Andras Spaan (Nehterlands)

IEI of Signaling Pathway

Parallel Session

Sven Kracker (France)
Helen Su (USA)
Roger Colobran (Spain)

IEI and Hemalotogical Disorders

Parallel Session

Marlene Pasquet (France)
Markus Seidel (Austria)
Despina Moshous (France)

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