About ESID

About ESID

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About ESID

The European Society for Immunodeficiencies (ESID) is a non-for-profit association that was created in 1994. ESID has been striving to improve the knowledge in the field of Primary Immunodeficiency (PID) by encouraging research, developing educational programs and fostering cooperation among all those involved in the diagnosis, treatment and management of these diseases.

ESID is organized in seven Working Parties: Clinical, Educational, Genetics, Inborn Errors, Juniors, PID Care in Development, Registry. In order to perform its’ mission ESID organizes several activities such as:

  • ESID Biennial Congresses
  • ESID Online Education
  • ESID Summer School
  • Endorsed Activities
  • Awards and Grants
  • ESID Registry

ESID Mission

ESID believes that every child, adolescent and adult born with a defective immune system has the right to benefit from both clinical and scientific knowledge.

Therefore, our mission is to enable patients with primary immunodeficiency diseases to live their lives to its full potential by improving awareness, diagnosis, treatment, education and understanding of these diseases.

As the leading society in the field, ESID is committed to promote collaboration between healthcare professionals, patient organizations, industry and governmental bodies and to foster education and research.

The ESID motto and theme is: “Together we can change the lives of those affected by PID”.

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